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Fix an appointment with LOF, We will show our linen fabric swatches at your doorstep to select the material, taking the measurement as per your requirement. Your design and your shirt measurement to the LOF tailoring company for stitching.

Delivery will be 5 to 7 days at your place

Our latest Materials
It’s all part of linen’s charm

Perfection is the key to achieve best-in-class quality. Hence, we source the finest fibres, weave and dye 100% pure linen. A difficult-to-perfect fabric, fine linen is the product of centuries of learning and innovation.


Finely blending classic styles and modern premium craftsmanship with unparalleled comfort, our range of apparel is exclusively fashioned by accomplished designers and textile artists that defined.


In our constant endeavour to achieve sartorial perfection, Linen outfit treads a more difficult path, offering an unmatched experience in fabric, trims, stitching, finishing and packaging that is perfect.

Outstanding quality
The origin of linen might date back into antiquity, but this material was virtually unknown in India until as late as 1949.
Pure Luxury
Combining pure luxury and breathability, personalized fashion that romanticizes the sharp yet relaxed fit of the fabric.
Personalized Fashion
For an Indian textile maker to step up to the experience and standards of Europe and the West in textiles.
Our values

It is here that the journey of fine linen in India began. A journey intertwined with the history of Linen OutFit. A brand that is today inseparable from the paradigm of fine linen in India and the world. Linen is no ordinary fabric. It is a perfectionist’s material. For those that have the patience and the grit to create linen, there is a special reward at the end of the toil.

Fabric 90 %
Quality 95 %
Value 85 %
Material 90 %

Welcome to Linen OutFit. We deals with Arvind MAFATLAL & Other European Linen

We are proud
Many hands touch the linen while it is being made. The skilled workers who have honed their craft, the clothiers and designers with fabulous visions.
Material Variety
The finished product is always unique; fabric spun from the finest French and Belgian linen fibres in a mind-boggling palette of eclectic colours.
Cutting Edge
This variety, combined with the careful application of cutting edge European technology is what separates Linen OutFit from its many imitators.

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