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Linen OutFit since 2016 and It was hardly established the community of linen market in PAN India.

Our Linen fabric also available in eCommerce portal like: Amazon and Flipkart

Linen fabric was venerated for its purity and longevity – were found in a condition of perfect preservation even after more than 3,000 years.

Linen OutFit deals with Arvind MAFATLAL and European Linen.

Brands: Raymond, Linen Marcos Linen League & Club Burgoyne.

About US

Passion 98 %
Perfection 94 %
Relationship 95 %
Activity 90 %
Sales and Marketing 92 %
Brands 96 %

Why choose Linen OutFit

Through the centuries, the process of making the finest linen became more and more refined, with more effective machinery.
Still, the fabric was a foreign export. Colonial India only encountered this fabric through the British for hundreds of years.
Cultivated with love, flax is grown in a wide coastal band of Western Europe stretching from the South of Normandy in Northern France.

Why choose Linen OutFit

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